Howells, Thomas Price - Autobiography

Autobiography of Thomas Howells

 I, Thomas Howells, the son of John and Gwendlian Howells, was born in Yniswendarth in the Parish of Penderyn in the County of Breconshire, South Wales. My father followed the occupation of farming. He died when I was only 10 years of age, and left my mother a widow with 6 children, five of whom were younger than myself. She continued in the farming business for several years after my fathers death. Being that we were young and so unprofitable to keep servants, she sold all of the stock and implements of husbandry and put the money in the bank; and we children had to seek other employment besides farming. In the course of time, the Latter Day Saints Elders came to the neighborhood, and I embraced the gospel and was baptized by John Davis the 12th of October, 1849; and emigrated to America the fall of 1850 (Oct. 17, 1850 with 227 souls). I sailed across the ocean in the ship Joseph Bager and landed in New Orleans; and from thence up the Mississippi River in a steamboat and landed in St. Louis; and there I and another man in connection, hired a team, which took us and our luggage to Fravey, where we remained through the winter, digging coal.

In March 1851, I engaged myself with a merchant to drive one of his teams across the plains to Salt Lake City. We started from Jackson County, Missouri; which place was first settled and built up by the Latterday Saints and whom were driven there from because of their religion. After a tediou[s] journey, encountering many snow storms on the road, we reached Salt Lake City June 6th, 1851

I feel grateful to Almighty God for his protecting care, which has been over me since I have left my native land to the present time. 

Immediately on my arrival in said City, I engaged myself to an adobe maker to make adobes; and in a little while I got so accustomed to the business, that I could make them myself, and therefore I bought me a piece of land and carried on the business upon my responsibility for a number of years, until I took up with the mason trade. 

I was ordained an apostle amongst the Seventies, by James Furgison, the 9th of April, 1852, and was assigned to the 33 Quorum. 

I began to think that it was not good to be alone; consequently, I began to look out amongst the young women for one that would suit my taste. I met with Ann Francis, who came from Cardiganshire South Wales; I married her on the 12th day of October 1853. We went through the House of the Lord August 31, 1855, where we had our endowments and my wife was sealed unto me for time and eternity. 

I was elected Junior Major of the 1st Regiment Infantry Nauvoo legion, Salt Lake district, the 11th day of September 1869.



Howells, Thomas Price


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