1847, Jan 9 - Jones, Dan - Letter to Orson Hyde

Letter to Orson Hyde, dated Jan. 9, 1847, at Mertyr Tydfil. (Vol 9:107,108)

Dear brother Hyde,--The gale having somewhat subsided, I find time to give you some items of brother Taylor's visit to the Ancient nation of the everlasting hills. The report of his arrival spread far and near, over snowy mountains, until, on the second day, Saints and sinners had crowded the largest hall in these regions to overflowing. Such a turnout I never saw here before! "Twas a conference as follows:--number of branches, 38--Elders, 34--Priests,61--Teachers, 35--Deacons, 22; baptized since the last conference (which was held in July) 341--total 979.
Brother Taylor taught them many glorious principles, unfolded the beauties of future ages, the hope of the Saints, as though he was well acquainted with the eternal councils, since the "Sons of God shouted for joy;" and although the majority did not understand the English langauge, or brother Taylor the Welsh, yet it vibrated their nerves like electricity, by the spirit, I suppose, until they were highly edified. At length brother Taylor (for some reason, I know not, unless because he loved us) set to work trying to stumble some of us professedly so. He told all the worst tricks of ancient and modern saints--the last first, which proved far the least. He tried them every way, but utterly failed to stumble any of them though some whined because he compared their "little captain to one of the little boys of Zion," as he said; but I thought that as much gospel as any thing he said.
Our conference lasted two days, and really it was a "little heaven below," more love and union I never witnessed, not even a groan or an apostate "hum."
Brother Taylor, among other things, made songs of Zion, very suitable to the Saints of Wales, and sung them beautifully. Some thirty in the different branches through Wales were called and ordained unto the different offices of the priesthood.
After an affectionate farewell address which caused tears to flow, brother Taylor left on Monday night with the train for London, via Bristol, and such shaking of hands and blessing, reminded me of old times in the "Groove" at Nauvoo, and proved the power of the love of Christ--cementing the hearts of strangers as one by his spirit, though oceans and tongues intervene.
The general query was, after he left, "when shall we all be gathered to Zion?" and as I have not had such an answer myself, the nearest to it I tell is, "when we have reaped all the fields in Wales, and bring the wheat home with us."--You will perceive, dear brother, that we have not been very idle, although it was but our seed time this season, but we anticipate a rich harvest next season. Some few seeds shoot up very soon, you know, others grow deep--so here only nine baptized after the conference closed in this branch, but a general spirit of enquiry, fanned up by the persecuting preachers and editors (poor things!) as by their preaching, or both together, make quite lively times with us,--and God grant it may be more so is my prayer. Amen.

From your brother and obedient servant in Christ,




Jones, Dan


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